Moving Money Between Premises? Here's How to Protect Your Business

Many businesses now keep their financial business electronic—but that doesn't mean cash can be entirely abandoned.  In some cases, physical money simply must be moved from one location to another.  Whether you're paying into a bank account or stocking a retail location with till floats, it will occasionally be necessary to carry that cash outside of the security of your building.  This can be unnerving for both staff and the business itself, but it doesn't have to be.  Armed cash-in-transit services, often shortened to CIT, provide you and your business with a safer method of moving money.

Professionalism and Expertise

Having an employee move money as part of their everyday tasks can work, and requires no extra expense—but both you as a business owner and your employee will feel much better handing that responsibility to a group of people who specialise in doing this safely and securely.  Targeted threats to business money are rare, but they do happen; in the event that somebody did choose to target your business during this transfer, the CIT staff would be much more equipped than your employee to handle that situation.

It's also worth noting that by hiring external assistance to complete this task, you'll be handing time back to your other employees which can be better spent on their key role.


Many criminals are opportunists and will make attempts at thefts—even major ones—simply because they see an opening.  Much like a visible alarm system reduces break-in attempts on a building, having armed guards to accompany your money significantly reduces the likelihood of an incident happening in the first place by acting as a deterrent.  In contrast, a thief may not be intimidated by a general member of staff.


Because CIT services are so experienced in what they do, and because incidents are rare, they are happy to provide insurance for your money as they transfer it for you.  In short, you have the ultimate peace of mind.  Not only is a theft extremely unlikely, and also unlikely to succeed—but even in the eventuality that it did succeed, your money would still be protected, and your business cannot suffer because of it.

Granted, it may not be necessary to hire CIT services for moving small amounts such as petty cash.  When you're moving larger amounts, however, you could rightly consider them indispensable.  They guarantee not only the safety of you and your staff but also of your finances.  That's a smart investment for any business.