3 Reasons to Use Trained Detection Dogs at Your Outdoor Event

Holding an outdoor event means tackling a high level of security. You need to be concerned with not only the well-being and safety of your guests, but also the people that may be sneaking into the area or causing issues. The main issue is with drugs coming in and out of the event area. If you are trying to combat this issue, trained detection dogs may be an option. Here are three reasons to use trained detection dogs at your next outdoor event.

Improve Your Methods

One of the main reasons to use trained detection dogs is to check your own methods. When you see the drug dogs at work, you can see how many areas of your security need work. The dogs will show you where your weakest areas are by how often they find drugs or find people coming into the event area. You can use what the dogs track and find at one event to help your security plan for future events to reduce drugs coming into the event area.

Reduce Illegal Activities During the Event

When people see a drug dog or trained narcotics dog present at an event, it tends to reduce the chance of illegal activities. Most people who would bring in drugs to the event will see the drug dog and know there may be a high level of security at the event. They may also feel there is a strong police presence and not just a security guard presence. This will make them leary of coming into the event and reduce your issues from illegal drugs and items entering the area.

Lower the Liability of the Event

One reason to use drug dogs that you may not have considered deals with your liability insurance. By having a drug dog, or several drug dogs, present at your event, the insurance company may lower your liability on the event. This is due to the security that is provided by the dogs and the reduced risk of drugs coming into the event. With the reduced risk of drugs coming into the event, you also have reduced chances of overdoses and drug-related accidents on the event property.

If you feel that a trained detection dog would be an ideal option at your outdoor event, contact your local detection training company. They can help you locate trained dogs and security companies that use trained dogs. They can also help you with questions regarding the security of your event and the use of trained dogs at the event.