Essential Features of the Best Security Alarm Systems

Protecting your home often means installing a security alarm system. Whether you're updating yours or this is your first time purchasing one, you need to look for certain features. Here are some of the best ones to incorporate.

Cameras with Alerts

Adding cameras to key areas of your home and requesting that they send you alerts is an invaluable asset. For example, you could install your camera on a porch or close to your car and request that it alerts you when someone is present. Usually, such requests can go to an app on your phone or tablet. Once you receive an alert, you can identify the person who is present and decide whether you need to take further action to keep your property safe.

Alarm Monitoring

What do you want your alarm system to achieve? Would you like just an audio alert that deters burglars? Or, would you prefer an alarm monitoring service? Alarm monitoring services dispatch someone to investigate the cause of an alarm trigger at your home. As a result, you're more likely to capture criminals who aren't otherwise deterred by a loud noise alone. 

Environmental Sensors

It isn't always the case that other people are the biggest threat to your property. Adverse weather events and other types of accidents pose a risk too. Environmental sensors can detect events such as floods, gas leaks, and fires. Thanks to modern advances in technology, they're sensitive enough to alert you at the earliest opportunity. At the same time, they're unlikely to send out false alarms that induce unnecessary panic. Detecting such events as early as possible can prevent irretrievable damage to your home and those within it.

Motion Sensors

You can place motion sensors in certain important areas in your home. For example, placing them in common entryways means you'll receive an alert if someone uses it and you're not expecting them to. Or, you can add them to places where a potential thief may try and gain entry. For example, rear entrances, balconies, and windows close to flat roofs. That way, if they trigger an alert while you're not at home you can request emergency assistance and identify who is gaining entry.

Overall, your security alarm system should be bespoke. Discussing your needs and wants with a professional means you're more likely to achieve a system that works for you. When you're finished, ask them to walk you through the system's features so you understand how to use it.