3 Reasons to Use Trained Detection Dogs at Your Outdoor Event

Holding an outdoor event means tackling a high level of security. You need to be concerned with not only the well-being and safety of your guests, but also the people that may be sneaking into the area or causing issues. The main issue is with drugs coming in and out of the event area. If you are trying to combat this issue, trained detection dogs may be an option. Here are three reasons to use trained detection dogs at your next outdoor event. [Read More]

Moving Money Between Premises? Here's How to Protect Your Business

Many businesses now keep their financial business electronic—but that doesn't mean cash can be entirely abandoned.  In some cases, physical money simply must be moved from one location to another.  Whether you're paying into a bank account or stocking a retail location with till floats, it will occasionally be necessary to carry that cash outside of the security of your building.  This can be unnerving for both staff and the business itself, but it doesn't have to be. [Read More]