Common Mistakes to Avoid During Security Patrol

While security cameras deter crime and prevent vandalism, using them as the sole security measure is not enough, particularly for extensive facilities. In addition to security cameras, such premises need to hire security guards to complement their security strategies. Since security guards can patrol premises, they keep burglars at bay, especially during the night. However, security patrol is not as simple as walking around the perimeter of a facility. Therefore, simple mistakes can lead to security breaches. [Read More]

3 Hidden Benefits of Wireless Security Cameras

Home security systems have evolved rapidly to the extent that the average homeowners can install a CCTV camera without a professional's help. Wireless security cameras are an excellent example. Gone are the days when homeowners had to deal with intrusive cables running inside attics, floorboards, and walls. Besides eliminating the presence of unsightly wires in your home, how else do you benefit from wireless security cameras? Read on for more information. [Read More]